Whatcom Clicks Who?

SEO and (Digital) Marketing Consulting Services for businesses and entrepreneurs in Bellingham and the surrounding areas, since 2012.

Find Whatcom County in our country's upper left corner, from the Canadian border south of Vancouver, B.C. to The Chuckanut (pronounced "Chuck-a-nut.")

Whatcom Clicks is owned and operated by Lisa Zehm, Independent Marketing Contractor.

SEO / Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Digital (or Internet) Marketing enable businesses to get found online. As opposed to SEM or Search Engine Marketing which use paid advertising/promotional techniques, SEO and digital marketing exploit the less expensive and often free options. (SEM vs SEO - What's the difference?)


People, places and things - we search for it all on the internet. “What are the current snow conditions at Mt. Baker ski area?”, “Who is Bellingham’s best chiropractor?” or “Why does Lynden have so many windmills?” (Keywords - Do They Still Matter?)

We consider who ranks highest in search, who pays for ads and which business has the most five star reviews. Then we click (or tap if we're on our phone).


The internet is cluttered and messy. More and more, internet noise drowns out our local business’ valuable messages. I strive to get local businesses found online.

I’ve been a Marketing Representative in and around the North Puget Sound for seven years. Growing my consulting business organically by word-of-mouth, I’m proud to represent a wide variety of regional businesses. Through collaboration we identify their audience, promote their goods and services, then share their brand’s story.

Success is measured.

What are your SEO and digital marketing goals?