KeyWords – Do They Still Matter?

Well what ARE keywords anyways? As it relates to business marketing, these would be the words used to describe the purpose and function of a business i.e. Dentist, bakery, car wash, chiropractor etc. As well, keywords are the word or word phrases someone might use to find your product or service such as, “shoes,” “shoes for sale” or, nowadays, “Alexa, are there any shoe sales near me?”

So yes, keywords still matter but more in the form of short, concise phrases than individual words.

spoken searches

Important when discussing keywords and keyword phrases are the WHATs and WHERE of the matter. What are people most likely searching on? Probably their cell phone. Often keyword phrases are spoken into a phone like, “find Kayak Rentals near me.”

So now bodes the question, where is ‘near me’?

If where is Whatcom County, this person may have just travelled across the Blaine border looking forward to spending a day of adventure in Bellingham. If your business is to rent kayaks and it’s located in the Bellingham area, you want to be offered up to these travelers’ as a first choice. This is where the benefits of SEO or search engine optimization come in.

Back in the day, website designers used to type in hundreds of keywords as text then code the color of the text font to be the same color as the site’s background so it blended. This essentially rendered the words invisible for viewers but were detected when search engines crawled and indexed the websites. Clever, right? This method used to be the secret sauce to get your website shown first on search engines’ coveted first page listings. Not so anymore. In fact, that practice will earn you black marks with Google and actually achieve the reverse effect. Don’t do it.

Search engine algorithms have evolved, machine learning and AI have arrived. Meaning that they’re really, REALLY smart. Only logical short phrases ,accurately and concisely describing your business and services, will lead to your business being found online.

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