Nature Walk near Lynden

Aldergrove Regional Park

A short drive from Lynden’s border crossing is Aldergrove, B.C. The city’s regional park offers well maintained trails for horseback riding, hiking, biking or nature walking and incredible views overlooking North Whatcom County. On a gloriously crisp sunny day in March, we decided to go and explore.

Whatcom County Views! Joined by our Australian Shepherd, Dakota

After trekking our way over rolling hills up to the Aldergrove Bowl Trail, we soaked in the sun and enjoyed the views of the Fraser Valley and Lynden, Washington. With the recent snow still trying to melt, there were a few places that were pretty snowy and icy but for the most part, it felt like Spring may really be just around the corner.

The Aldergrove Erratic a.k.a. “Big Rock” (described here by Bellingham geologist, Dave Tucker) is another destination along the park’s trail system yet to discover but we look forward to finding it on our next visit.

Wandering Whatcom blog’s adventures are inspired by the sentiment “not all who wander are lost,” written by J. R. R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings.