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SEO and Digital Marketing Contractor, Lisa Zehm | Bellingham, WA

I'm Lisa Zehm

Welcome to Whatcom Clicks!

The Pacific Northwest is where I live, work and play. It's my privilege to promote the small businesses and communities I love.


SEO Search Engine Optimization

Get found online. SEO can be a bit abstract. As such, small business owners sometimes find it difficult to judge SEO effectiveness and quantify their return on investment ROI. Many hesitate to jump on the proverbial digital marketing bandwagon and can't justify the expense.

My job is to get your business found online, effectively and without breaking the bank.

I also feel it's my responsibility to measure and report on campaign performance so that my clients can evaluate the value of their investment.

Is SEO still important? Simply, yes.

"Just Google it" is still synonymous with search so you want your business to be in good standing with Google.

For perspective, in October 2018 Google was reported to have 90% of the world desktop market share of search engines. Bing followed at 4%.

The Process. Through collaboration, we setup your (responsive) website to appeal to the major search engines with the goal of moving the site to the top of the search results pages (SERPs) and attracting relevant new visitors to the website and to the business.

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Internet Marketing

Open for business. Now to spread the word. The success of a digital marketing campaign, like any marketing campaign, relies on reaching the right audience - your audience.

By incorporating ‘on message’ tools into your internet marketing strategy you'll appeal to your audience's curiosity and/or fulfill their need(s). These online tools can include:

  • Strategic content writing
  • Local online listings
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Social media
  • Email campaigns
  • Performance reviews*

*Note: Online reputation management isn't included in my monthly Internet Marketing service but I'm happy to offer my advice.


Content Writing

(Disclaimer:  I really like this illustration but it is not mine. Source unavailable.)

Appeal to your audience. Content strategies encompass online and offline tools. Content writing or "content creation" is one of the tools. All intend to attract relevant people to a business. Then, if it's good content, your people will call, click or come in. What (digital) marketing tools do you use in your business?

Note: Content writing is included in the monthly digital marketing service.

What is strategic content writing?

Word phrases matter. Search engines regularly crawl websites for their information, index and serve up matched content for their customers - the 'Googlers'. Match their search phrase and you've struck Google gold! This is where strategy comes in.

Note: Google wants this process to be fast. To rank high on their search engine, along with good website design and SEO, your content needs to be current, on topic, easy for them to find and serve up quickly.

Monthly Digital Marketing

Business owners wear a lot of hats but respectfully, digital marketing shouldn't be one of them. Marketing generates new business and keeps a brand on the top-of-mind making it a critical piece in any business plan. However, consistency is key and often this is where small businesses fall short.

Together with the business owner we review information, collaborate on content then regularly publish the information. On behalf of my clients, I curate content, write/maintain blogs as well as draft posts and share content on social media, write email/newsletters, bios and product descriptions and more. Rich content appeals to search engines and to your audience.

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All marketing efforts are tracked using Google Analytics and are subject to their privacy agreements.

Varies. Please text/call (360) 531-0119 to request a quote. Reduced rates for Veterans.

Generally SEO Setup takes approximately 4-8 hours for responsive websites.

Digital Marketing requires a minimum commitment of 4 hours/month with the possibility of payment terms. Includes content curation. Services can be cancelled at any time.